11 Ways to Maximize Your Cooling Tower

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  1. Constantly keeping tabs on the condition of your cooling towers is a great way to avoid and sort of component failure or neglected degradation. Doing this will also set baselines for the behavior of your tower so you can set up more efficient maintenance schedules that can significantly reduce interruptions to your daily operations.
  2. Whenever you or another party are performing work on your tower, make sure all of the tower’s lockout procedures have been a followed to the letter and all necessary motors and components have been disconnected. This is done both for your safety and for the longevity of the components.
  3. Clear debris from inside and around your cooling tower in order to avoid any troublesome buildups.
  4. Make sure that the water distribution system in order to be sure that the fill coil area is uniformly covered in moisture. If the area is not adequately moisturized, check on the condition of your nozzles to be sure they aren’t damaged or inoperable.
  5. In order to keep water filtration effective by ensuring that any debris in the cold water basin gets washed out through the drain. This eliminates dirt buildup and the risks that accompany it.
  6. Check on your make-up water levels to make sure they are at adequate levels.
  7. Making sure that the bleed rate is adjusted to a level appropriate for the quality of water that you have access to a well as the evaporation rate regulations for your region.
  8. Make sure belt tension is at a proper level
  9. Check on the condition of the oil in your cooling tower system as well as it’s level to ensure efficient functioning of the gear drive system. Check on gear alignments as well.
  10. Every three months or so lubricate the bearings of the fan shaft if they look like they need it. There are automatic system that can be installed that will automate this process for you.
  11. Cooling tower coatings can help protect your cooling towers from degrading, fouling or deteriorating, increasing your cooling tower tank’s lifespan many years.