Cooling Tower Problems Solved

Cooling Tower Problems Solved

Are you searching Google for “Cooling Tower Problems” while looking for solutions to solve your cooling tower issues? Is so, this guide should help!

In the event that your cooling tower is giving you problems and you don’t exactly know the cause of the issue or how to fix it, this article is for you. In this article, we have highlighted the main issues you could face and also discussed how cooling tower maintenance experts can help you resolve the issues. The efficiency of the cooling system will depend greatly on how efficient the water treatment program is, which along with the quality of water will affect operating expenses, as well as determine how reliable and efficient your cooling system is.

Environmental Operating Factors

Cooling systems are constantly under threat from 4 main issues: microbial contamination, corrosion, fouling, and scale deposits; these issues must be regularly checked and the system must be regularly maintained to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Effective management will also reduce operation costs, and energy expenses and ensure that the system doesn’t breakdown without warning due to any of the four issues.

Selecting the best chemical treatment program for your system willensure quality maintenance, which in turn will ensure efficient operation of the cooling system.None of the four issues hold importance over one another and all four can be equally destructive if left unchecked. What complicates the maintenance is the fact that water varies in quality and composition around the world, so an maintenance solution that works for one location may not prove effective for the other. To maintain an efficient cooling system, the initial step is selecting a chemical treatment program that can effectively counter all four issues.

Increase Reliability

Although the treatment may have to be different depending on the location, what remains consistent is ensuring that the chosen treatment effectively manages allissues that could impact performance. Ensuring an effective treatment program is in pace enables facilities to save on high costs of operation and repair, as well as other energy related expenses.


The cooling system, being a closed loop system that is in constant contact with water, is highly vulnerable to corrosion.If it isn’t regularly maintained, the issue could multiply in severity leading to leakages and other costly repairs. The issue could also spread to other systems if left unchecked.


Where heat exchange surface allows the cooling system to carry out its primary function effectively, it also stimulates scale production. The process involves a lot of heat that lowers solubility of various elements like calcium in the water, and these deposit on the heat exchange surface creating an insulating layer of scale.Because of its insulating nature, scale limits heat dispersal resulting in reduced efficiency of the cooling tower, and increased costs.


Fouling is caused by the introduction of debris, dust and dirt into the system, as well as microbial growths and corrosion. Fouling will diminish efficiency of your system, increasing energy usage and expenses.

Microbiological Contamination

The warmth in the systemcan expose the nutrient heavy water to microbial and bacterial growths.These growths can create a biofilm considerably more insulating than scale, reducing the efficiency of the system and increasing energy costs. Biofilm also stimulates scaling and corrosion.

Prevention is Cheaper than Cure

Early investment in setting up a chemical treatment and maintenance system will save hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements over the life of the cooling system. Preventative measures are important because your cooling system will not be spared from being affected by these issues. Leaving them unchecked would mean that they slowly build up until they initially reduce the system’s efficiency, and then cause unexpected breakdowns, costing you more inconvenience and money. The breakdowns and extra expenses could effectively cripple the productivity of your facility.

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts

Cooling towers operate in highly corrosive environments and in many hot regions of the country like Arizona they run nearly all year.  To keep your cooling tower running efficiently and extend its life.  Whether you need cooling tower drift eliminators, float vales, or any other cooling tower part, Universal Tower Parts can supply it.

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